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"Quite awe inspiring, to be honest, as the textures and arrangements used are often quite inventive." Scott Homewood,

Matt Howarth of writes: "Rich with squealing guitar (sounding very much akin to an electric mandolin in the hands of a rock maestro) and sharp drums. While the former carves out a soaring riff of blinding luster, the rhythms provide crisp propulsion.

The next piece displays harp-sounding strings blending with cerebral guitar, soon joined by snarling electric guitar. Then powerhouse drum erupt into play, launching the tune into a rollicking celebration in which the guitar dominates with stratospheric inclinations.

The following track commences with sinuous rhythms and eerie electronics, soon joined by subtle guitar hints and dramatic keyboards. Gradually the guitar and electronics edge into a dominant position. The electronics adopt a shuddery growl, while the keyboards turn shrill and piercing. Quirky bongos join the already complex rhythms. By this point, each instrument struggles for supremacy, yet the result is cohesive as the threads merge into a delightful gestalt of grinding appeal.

Track four pursues a more pensive motif with gentle guitar plucking and serious keyboard drones. The last piece is an epic composition at 30 minutes long. It begins with a funereal drums countered by a winsome whistling tone. Soon the beats abandon their somber tempos and indulge in animated rhythms of bewitching charisma. Guitar, snarling like an angry beast, emerges from the miasma, accompanied by a selection of auxiliary effects (chitterings and human growls).

A spoken voice, pondering anatomical grotesqueries, provides a bridge to the next outburst of tempos. Slippery keyboards enter the fray. The human grumblings continue deep in the background. A sense of nervous tension is building. A series of spoken bits break the flow, followed by additional drums and haunted electronics, all of which strive to evoke a dark milieu. Turbulent drums and intense guitar generate urgent melodies that seethe with bestial ferocity."


released January 1, 2005

Composed, performed and recorded by Tony Arnold. Additional vocalizations on track 8 by Simeon Stylites.



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Tony Arnold Georgia

Art Rock.

Psychedelic Prog.



Country Funk.

Space Exotica.

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